We provide debt and loan financing

I wish to introduce our Financial Service company  FRS Financial Services GmbH. 
We are a privately owned multi-asset alternative investment firm with nearly €80 billion Euros in assets under management. Our business segments cut across multi asset classes; private equity, credit, venture and investment solutions. We leverage our shared platform to capture cross-asset classes in strategic areas of focus.
We provide investment loans to many sectors and geographies, these include; energy, real estate, start-ups, mining, manufacturing sectors  and more. We focus on maximizing each business opportunity that is presented to us and creating a win-win situation through transparency and due diligence from both sides. We work with our partner firms and investors to create long-term relationships, utilizing our investment consulting expertise to ensure an eased financial solution to both the investor and the borrower. This helped us to build formidable financial strength in Austria.
We have a structured financing and investment capability in which we seek opportunities in viable projects and businesses. We provide debt and loan financing of 3% interest repayable annually with no early repayment penalties. We also provide equity funding for start-ups and business expansion. The financing size is minimum $3M and maximum $900M, and financing can be in all sectors, industries and businesses.
If you have a business plan or executive summary send us for review and consideration. 
I would be delighted to discuss further with you as we are open to offer direct lending to any  interested *borrower.. Kindly let me know how we can work together. 
*if you’re a broker, I can send the broker’s agreement and  then we can discuss further on how we can work together.
Rankweil, Austria


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